Texas Parkway Location-Closed!

First, I would like to start by thanking everyone who has followed the VolleyFitsU! family, Coach Julie and myself through the years. It’s been a tough 8 months after Hurricane Harvey, and as we still struggle we are confident that this will only be the beginning of bigger and better opportunities. It is with heavy hearts that I would like to announce that our facility on 2322 Texas Parkway will be closing permanently, as the safety of our players is our foremost priority and we want to ensure that we take the necessary steps to provide them with a safe environment for them to practice.

Our facility, along with several other businesses, suffered extensive damage during Hurricane Harvey. For four months we waited anxiously to have our facility rebuilt, and even though it was handed to us on December 20th, the facility suffered water damage during the rainy days of January. Rain leaked through ceiling where a new a/c unit was to be installed and our new floor that was just installed after Harvey, was once again damaged, making it impossible for our players to practice there. During this process we also identified additional issues with the facility, and as we took into consideration other factors, we faced the tough decision to close down the facility.

We are very thankful for our volleyball parents, our club players and our community for supporting us, keeping us focused and busy through this whole ordeal. It was because of their determination that we have managed to keep our 2017-2018 Club Volleyball season running. We also would like to thank Christian Bible Church for opening their doors to our 49 club players and allowing us to practice there since October. As our season slowly comes to an end, we are thankful we have made it this far and our players continue to impress us every day. We are working diligently to find a space to hold our summer camps this year and also a permanent facility for next club season 2018-2019, so we will share this information as soon as it becomes available.

Although our heart is in VolleyFitsU!, we are also devastated that we haven’t been able to offer our developmental program to our community on our Wednesday schedule due to personal reasons. Our family suffered through Harvey, but Hurricane Maria destroyed the island where we grew up, leaving many family members without the necessary basic needs like electric power or water. Last week, I visited my dad and family in Puerto Rico, and he amazed me as he and many others still have no power nor water six months after Maria, but they manage to make the best of everyday. As I got off the plane on Monday, I realized that I really have all I need to continue my journey and make the best out of this situation. I do believe that the struggles we all face today, will only make us stronger and motivate us to build a better tomorrow.

We won’t give up, because giving up has never been an option, but till then, thank you for your support.

Coach J, Coach Julie & VolleyFitsU!