VolleyFitsU! is a member of the USAV Lone Star Region.

If you have been offered a spot on the team you must follow the registration process with your player.

  • You will need to go to the registration tab on the top right side and click on I’m New, joining USAV for the first time this year. You will need to create a login and profile for your player.]
  • You will fill out all of the information on the Member Information Area. Please make sure that all the information is accurate and completely filled out.  We are Junior Division so please specify player’s grade level.
  • Once you have submitted this information it will take you to another area where you will choose your Club name. Scroll all the way down. Look for VolleyFitsU!
  • After this, there will be release waiver forms where you will need to open the link first and then check them off.  If you check them first, the system will not allow you to continue.
  • The last part is payment information.  At this point, once you have submitted it, I will be able to see your player’s information and assign them to the team.